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Learn the Jeff Miracola Technique

If you are an RPG and art nerd like me and don’t know the name Jeff Miracola by now, you might be living under a rock. Jeff is an accomplished illustrator from companies such as WOTC, TSR, Mars Attacks, and a million others. He is most recognized among the Magic The Gathering crowd. No matter what those circles are, there is no doubt of his command of the medium he employs.

I don’t have a lot of expendable income as a freelance illustrator, and I missed Jeff’s Kickstarter to produce these videos. When he posted online that the first was now available on Gumroad I was eager to click through.

I had to free up $25, which I don’t often do. I was glad I did!

You can follow Jeff Miracola on a detailed journey through a complete work of art. I don’t mean one of those “Speed paint” things on youtube. I mean a detailed explanation of each step. You watch the technique, materials, and Jeff talks you through how and why each step is happening.
He plugs it full of tips for artists of all levels, and the production quality is well done. Of course it’s well done, his videographer is his talented wife, who does all his videos.

This is the kind of stuff you never get to see or hear from an artist. Even Bob Ross didn’t explain everything completely.

I am about half way through this first video now, and I have already made plans to incorporate the new techniques and practices. I have some new materials and will be hitting the canvas with them today…. and I still have way over an hour of video left to go!

$25 well spent, and Tax deductible if you are a freelancer or professional artist! (Note: I’m not a tax guy, nor do I play one on TV. but if you are an artist, this might be an educational deduction)

I have really enjoyed the videos, learned a lot, and felt it worth sharing and supporting a local Wisconsinite in his artistic endeavors. It’s rare to find an artist with such a command over materials as this, it’s rarer still to find one willing to share, it’s a true treasure to have the sharing be so detailed and thorough.

Thank you for these videos Jeff, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I will.

~Lloyd M

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