QUICK KICK – Falls Keep

A 1 week Kickstarter?

yes! and only $3 to get the reward – that’s it no frills, no fancy. A great fun, short adventure for $3, funding only runs for a week, the files just now ready to deliver (since we know it’ll fund).

This is the first of Fail Squad Games’ series of “Quick Kick” projects which are short, one-week-long Kickstarter projects that cost just a few bucks to back and deliver short Sidequests in PDF form only.

The goal is for each adventure to be about one session long, 8-12 pages in length, and easy to pick up and run for the unprepared GM.

Each adventure will be full color, and internally hyperlinked with an interactive PDF.

Back it NOW, get it first, before it’s gone on November 13!



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