Lloyd Metcalf Art & Illustration

Lloyd Metcalf is a working artist and Illustrator living in Brownfield Maine. I have worked with most of the OSR publishers in the tabletop gaming world. I’m the art director for Gary Con gaming convention, On staff artist for NTRPGcon, and always pushing the comfort zone of fine art showings and settings. As a fine artist, I am a life-long student of the arts in all its forms. Let’s make something great and leave this world better than we found it. Join me!

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QUICK KICK - Falls Keep

QUICK KICK - Falls KeepA 1 week Kickstarter? yes! and only $3 to get the reward - that's it no frills, no fancy. A great fun, short adventure for $3, funding only runs for a week, the files just now ready to deliver (since we [Read More]

Why I WON'T enter the WOTC contest, and why you shouldn't either

Why I WON'T enter the WOTC contest, and why you shouldn't eitherThere is an ad going around from Wizards of the Coast and Adobe tempting artists to enter a contest to win $5,000, get your monster cast as a mini, and win a trip to WOTC to meet (I’m assuming) Mike [Read More]

Separation of Art & Games

Separation of Art & GamesIt has come to my attention that too much of my social media and website world is melding into one on-going push for RPG gaming and illustration ambition. I LOVE gaming and RPGs, but I also am an artist. This site [Read More]

RPG Inktober 2018

RPG Inktober 2018I was following along with #Inktober2018 and realized I was losing a little inspiration with the "official prompts". I saw there were other lists popping up with various topics and decided to take the Minotaur by the horns and create [Read More]

Ipad Pro & Pencil for Digital Art

Ipad Pro & Pencil for Digital ArtA Review I recently invested in an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pencil to work on digital art projects while mobile. I also need to simply get away from my desk on occasion. I shot a video of my review and [Read More]