Time Around the TV

As a small boy, one of my favorite times was when my Dad and I, and frequently the rest of the house, would stop, be together ad watch my two favorite things. The Walt Disney Show (Or whatever that was called) followed by Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.

Disney was hit or miss for me. it was just a waiting game for the cartoons. But it was Wild Kingdom that was special. My father was fascinated by exotic animals and I caught the fascination. We would stare wide-eyed as poor Jim wrestled with whatever danger Marlin Perkins was discussing.

Those evenings I can only recall through the soft filter of tender childhood. Away from the real troubles and struggles of adult life. But the filter, makes them sweet. I don’t recall a lot of things. Memory skips, scratches, and is full of static for me. I can still feel the linoleum under my feet in the old farm house though, waiting for Marlin Perkins to come on to the TV. Showing us slices of places neither of us would ever get to see ourselves.

A good run, the show went from 1963-1985. I likely recall it from somewhere in the mid to late 70s. I owe it to my sense of nostalgia, and the strange clipped memories of the unusual animals we had around, to seek out and watch these episodes again, with my adult filter on, but seeking the wonder of childhood.

Sometimes the memory rabbit hole is a slippery one, sometimes it ends up leading to another new project, or at least a good piece of childhood.

Exploring these avenues of memory is essential inspiration and identifying with creative projects. There is a reason our brains held on to these little snippets of time. A reason that needs to be looked at and recalled.

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