The Free Range Creative

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what to do with the LMetcalf site. What was it? What purpose did it serve?

The answer was in reality, pretty obvious.  It holds my name, and so it should hold my personal adventures and journeys in being the free-range creative.

I find myself perusing social media too much and disliking that a long post isn’t practical there. The impermanence of the medium is something that I don’t care for.

What to do with the blog

I woke up tonight a bit after Colleen turned off the TV (A bit after 2AM) with the idea that I’d like to spin up (again) some blog-type thing. I was rolling around in my pre-waking brain blogger website ideas and other possibilities. Things owned by google rate higher in google, naturally.

I discarded the google idea for such a thing because there isn’t a lot of control there. I’m still not sure rejecting blogger is the best idea. But this site is here, wordpress is a CMS, and I have the full flexibility of control over design and content.

So what’s going to be the content?

What one would expect of a free-range creative that moves from one thing to the next. There are gaming things, but also wood shop things, art thing, and life things. Living in Maine things, going places things, whatever I find to be share worthy.

In this, I’d like to pull myself back from social media quips a little more and engage in more writerly approaches. Instead of multi-paragraph social media responses that vanish, I think a blog post makes for a better format of brain-works.

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