Draw From Life

zoopass There are numerous accounts of artists throughout history and into the modern day that will say that nothing will improve an artist faster than drawing from life.  James Gurney is a realist painter / illustrator and he paints from life daily. Plein Air painting is one of his favorite pasttimes. James is famous for painting Dinosaurs though, how can he realistically paint such extinct creatures? He has to study from life.
One of the 20th century’s greatest artist / illustrators Frank Frazetta spent many hours at the Bronx Zoo drawing the animals and getting acquainted with their various anatomies.

I have just invested in a Zoo Pass for the Milwaukee zoo. for $100 for the entire year, I can go as many times as I like with parking included. The Milwaukee zoo used to be right here in Washington Heights, but has since moved. Still only a few minutes away, this is an opportunity I CANNOT ignore. The zoo coupled with Life Drawing sessions at MIAD downtown, and a few locals getting together to learn fifth edition D&D, it is becoming clear that I need a schedule!

I can’t believe this is about to happen, but I will be getting a calendar, or dry erase schedule to keep everything on track. Deadlines don’t stop existing because I want to improve my craft. Make no mistake that a Freelance creative trying to get by does have to work!

So instead of extending this blog post, I will get to work.

  • Oil painting started last night – Empress – Will post progress / complete when finished.




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