Wacom Cintiq 22HD Review

Wacom Cintiw 22HD reviewCintiq 22HD Goblin Review

I have been using the Cintiq 22HD for close to 2 years now and thought it was time to post a review. Many folks are often wondering about the -real world- bonuses and drawbacks of this product since it is a rather heavy investment. The best reviews are from people who are working with the product every day and not from the production company who will always tell you how great things are.

There are some nice perks and some irritating drawbacks with the Wacom Cintiq line. I also work with a 13HD and it is a common question about which one to buy when getting into the field of digital art.

External navigation of the Cintiq 22HD and Contiq 13HD can be clunky and irritating, but for performance and just sheer beauty of work, nothing can beat these products. Check out the video for my full review and gripes of the biggest issues I have faced with the Wacom Cintiq line.

Despite my grumblings, I really do love my Wacom Cintiqs and use them daily. I simply wish I had the technical ability to upgrade a few features. If you are working in the illustration field, or intend to, this is the tool you will want to put your hands on. With digital art, the process is the same as traditional media, except you don’t need to find photographers, or large bed scanners, adjust your work to get it do print right, and a thousand other things that will hold up production. You finish your piece, put it in layout, and move on to the next.

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