Stiletto of the Aristocrat

daggerStiletto of the Aristocrat

This +1 Stiletto is forged of northern blue steel gilded in gold and silver filigree. The stiletto is sought after by the more diplomatic of assassin guilds. The stiletto allows the possessor to effectively cast Comprehend Languages 2 x / day and charm person 1 x/ day.

When performing an assassination backstab the stiletto seeks it’s target unerringly, making it +3 to hit for the initial backstab attack.

The Stiletto also grants the possessor the gift of a slightly more silvered tongue with a +1 to CHR

  • Damage vs Sm-Med        1d4+1
  • Damage vs Lg                   1d3+1
  • Encumbrance                   1
  • Cost                                    N/A Unique
  • Value                                  3,000 (this gp value used to relate to xp and trade)

It is rumored that the Stiletto of the Aristocrat was partially responsible for a ten year peaceful trade agreement between a large village of halflings and a goblin tribe. The goblins were particularly adept at growing a potent pipe weed tobacco and the halflings were exceptionally gifted at haggling prices. Both communities prospered for a decade until the stiletto was stolen and lost.

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