Lesser Gnome Bringin’ Back the OSR

D_TboxNothing Beats a Box Set

Lesser Gnome entered the OSR RPG market with a product originally conceived as a module and quickly grew to the scale of a double ENnie nominated Old School Box Set. The Whisper & Venom box set blasted through all hopes, dreams and goals. It was a project only made possible by backers and OSR supporters.

Death & Taxes is starting out intended to be a box set not a module adventure. That goal and dream can only be exceeded by backers who support the feel of good solid metal minis, professional writing, and of course… Lloyd Metcalf Art.

The artwork in this box set has the benefit of all my experience and tool upgrades over the past couple of years. It also has the benefit of the experience gained by the gnomes in production, writing, flow, feedback, and assembly. It is no small task getting a box to print and ship, say nothing about coordinating and producing all the items that need to fill it.

We have traveled with the Whisper & Venom Box to Garycon, North Texas RPG con, Snow con, and numerous other gatherings of old school gamers. For those who missed the sale and kickstarter of that project, do not be left in tears again as Lesser Gnome turns out Death and Taxes. The Gnomes have proven to be a shining example of what should happen with an OSG RPG product on Kickstarter.

With folks of experience in Old School Gaming showing support for Lesser Gnome and Lloyd Metcalf such as Luke Gygax, Frank Mentzer, and Tim Kask and many more, this will NOT be a product to leave off your shelf.

There are even a limited number of the prime Kickstarter quality Whisper & Venom Box sets available as rewards to select Death & Taxes backers. Original art work, Alyssa Faden Maps, Minis, Dice..

Do you remember opening the old BECMI boxes with your friends? Yeah, us too. That was the feeling that is packed into each one of LEsser Gnomes Box Sets.

On a personal note, Lesser Gnome is the company that launched my professional career as an illustrator. One of those special companies among artists with a shining reputation. A company that I have relied on, and been more than proud to produce illustrations for. I have been working with Zach Glazar since he emerged from the deserts of Arizona to a fateful breakfast at Garycon with Miniatures of a gnome with questionable character.

This box set will be “sloppin’ over” with my art work and mini concept design. Heck I even did the cover of the box this time! When the gnomes are supported you not only receive great OSR products, but you are indirectly adding to my job security. My end goal would be to only work for Lesser Gnome and my own projects exclusively.

You don’t need to back this project solely on my recommendation. Supporters who voted for the ENnies, backers of the Whisper & Venom set, Old School originators, blogs, players, and DMs from around the globe will answer your questions about Lesser Gnome box sets.

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