Gary Con Bound

GCVIIIt’s that time of year again and departure day is looming. Only a day or two away now before I step on the plane loaded down with adventures, wares, dice, books and an excitement to meet up with RPG friends.

It’s Gary Con season. It is the place where I launched my illustration career, and the place where I perpetuate it. This year with an old school style module for Chris Clark who gathered up all the old TSR folks for a Gary Con VII adventure .

I continued it with Luke Gygax’s BL3 module, cover and interiors. I will be arriving with products from a couple of Kickstarters this year that includes 4 of my own adventures, plus the Micro Quest adventures.

A stock pile of prints, arts, and whatever else I think I can contribute.

You can follow me on Twitter for play by play updates here. Also on Facebook here.

Shipping from the web-store will be on hold until I get back home (April 1).

Gary Con honors the life, times, and games of Gary Gygax. I am honored to be part of it and contribute every year. It is one of the highlights of my gaming world for sure.
Here we go!



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