Barn Swallow Drama

Brownfield was a-tweet!

This morning we noticed the front yard was a buzz with swallows. as many as a dozen at a time were perching on the dog run, swooping and swirling around. We reveled in seeing the birds and how happy I was that they were using the houses I had built.

It wasn’t until I wandered outside with my tea that we discovered what was going on.

Rescue 911!

A young pair of birds had fallen from the nest in the upside-down hole in our eves that was supposed to be a vent. The parents, and all the neighbor birds were swooping, watching, all rather concerned about what was going on. The parents were still landing on the ground to feed the young ones…. but it was all a very nervous business.

Mom kept peeking out from above not sure what to do. To be honest, I wasn’t sure either. After some debate, I guessed which of the two holes the little ones belonged in and got the ladder.

At my approach mom cleared out of the hole and the babies were lifted back into place. The swallows were checking back into the hole, and the little ones weren’t booted out again. so I guess the day was saved!

There is another young bird corpse under the holes though, later this fall I will be blocking up the vents and mounting some swallow houses under the eves to hopefully rectify the problem.

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