Pills and Pains

One Troublemaker

I have one troublemaker tooth with exposed nerves that is reminding me how urgent this journey is becoming. I am needing to wait until March 10th to have it extracted (Without sedation) so I can at least get though life.

I’ve been prescribed antibiotics to address potential infection while I wait, and Orajel and ibuprophen are part of my daily routine.

Cold is the worst. Being outside for a few minutes in the cold seems to get the troublemake ANGRY… the pain is so distracting when it comes on that there is little else that I am able to do while it’s “switched on”.


Some generous aid has come in and folks are signing up for the Patreon. these things are making me very glad and grateful for my friends. Artwork is in the works and all sorts of gears are in motion to raise the costs of getting this surgery.


Inwardly I am rather scared of considering travel amid a pandemic. I am also REALLY concerned about ALL my teeth coming out of my head. I know the end will be worth it, I have watched all the awesome videos of transformed lives…. but pulling out ALL those teeth…  ((shudder)).

I continue to work on art, D&D coasters, and other projects to fund this journey. I am reminding myself that once this is over, I need to continue these efforts to create a more stable income.

I am raising funds, waiting for the Passport to come.

Art Tribe