Passports and Estimates

A Local Quote

Today was a rollercoaster on the #FangQuest journey. I had to really press into a local clinic to get a ball park estimate for the work required. I really didn’t feel right just looking at Costa Rica without asking a local place what the cost would be for, at minimum, all on 4.

I got an answer after being dodged for a while. It STARTS out at $60,000 before any sedation, scans and other costs are added. I would likely be looking at $80,000 to get the work done locally. The dentist also was eager to talk vaguely about cleanliness and shoddy work but had ZERO specific instances or evidence. Given his financial interest in the situation, I cut the conversation short. I don’t need horror stories form someone with ZERO actual experience with any of this.

The doctor from the Costa Rica office called me directly though and was very helpful. He asked how I was feeling, asked about the history of my dental situation and wanted to know if he could personally answer any further questions or concerns. He promised to call again in 6 weeks when I should have my passport in hand to discuss the next steps.


I went to the post office and filed my passport application with expedition fees. ($251 total) In 4 -6 weeks I will be able to go to Costa Rica or Cancun. I am hopeful to have the first half of the money raised when this comes in.

Laser Engraver

I’m lumping a number of posts into one here. I ordered the Laser cutter / engraver. A $2300 investment that I feel will pay off in spades. This will help me create some unique products that will make me feel better about earning the funds required instead of “pan handling” for them.

Money in

I have $3800 in stocks that are devoted to this process, and the wheels are just turning on the Patreon. I made this tag, page, and all that. Tracking in funds as well. I will be putting future funds raised into something SUPER stable, like Adobe Stock until the time comes to get the work done. This will see a return percentage far above any savings account could offer.

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