A New Day, A New Way

The Laser

Today the Laser cutter / engraver shows up between 1P and 6P. I took some stock profits and took a chance that this might help move #FangQuest along the path to success. It’s been a while on the road and I’ve been running a number of options through my head about what might be done with it. I have a number of ideas and I’m eager to get through the learning curve.

This will mean some really great RPG stuff for supporters, Patrons, and convention goers (When we can do them again in person).

The Troublemaker

My #10 tooth had an infection under it and exposed nerves. It had been causing pain. I was hopeful that I could get oral sedation to get it addressed, and that would take a couple of months. I booked an appointment with my local dentist and after a couple of weeks, she managed to come up with a cancellation and fit me in. The “Troublemaker” came out. I am very grateful to have a woman dentist who is willing to listen and who doesn’t need a lesson to understand what the “Ginger gene” means in relationship to novocaine.


As I work toward the $22K goal to get this done, at $10K I should have enough to get the first half, the hardest half, done. This is where I fly down, they extract ALL my teeth, and plant in 12 sockets that false teeth screw into. I am hoping I can talk to them during the process as I don’t want perfect, square, Chiclet gum teeth. I’d like canines, and things slightly “off” so they appear realistic.

This makes me horribly nervous.

After this Kickstarter (MaximumHP #005) delivers, I should be close to the first half (About $8K)

New Stock art and woodcraft products are being added as I get them made. Keep the ball rolling.

Art Tribe