It’s the only name I could think of to unify my journey to find enough money to travel to Costa Rica or Cancun to get myself essential dental surgery. To get anything comparable here in the US would be prohibitively expensive and of lesser quality. The total required for this journey is approximately $22,000 total, including all travel and lodging. The total in the states, for only the procedure and minimal sedation was $60,000 – $80,000 USD and I am sure there would be many more visits, fees, and added procedures. Here in the US, the medical world literally is holding residents hostage with few options. Some even become insulted when a person tries to shop for rates, compare prices, and make informed decisions.

But this page isn’t to gripe, it’s only to explain and track the journey. I am self-employed in the RPG game world and have no path to any sort of insurance. even if I did, I would still choose the same route for services.

Why do this?

Ignoring this dental issue has many complications, including bone loss and my own personal “life”. I don’t recall a time in my life that was ever free from worry about my teeth, pain, or appearance. All through childhood and into adulthood, it has been a source of pain, discomfort, trauma, and social anxiety. This is the solution for health, both physical and mental.

The Procedure

What has been proposed is what is known as “All on 6” for top and bottom. This means that all teeth are removed, permanent posts (6 top, 6 bottom) are implanted into the bone and permanent acrylic teeth are installed on these mounts. This requires 2 visits, one for a minimum of 5 days where all extractions are made and post mounts placed. Temporary teeth are put in while I go home and recover and allow the bone grafts to hold.

A number of months later I return for my permanent appliance fittings. This requires a stay of a minimum of 9 days. There may be another follow up some months later for fine adjustments.

The Costs

$22,000 is a LOT of money for me, but a plan to get to the goal is in place. First, let’s break down the costs. What follows is a direct email from the doctor. Important to note, because of my personal struggles, and partially autistic nature, I require the IV sedation for as many procedures as are allowed. The following does not account for travel and lodging, which while reasonable, adds up.


  • Teeth Extractions $0 (all)
  • 6 Two Piece (one stage mode) Dental Implants at $500 each, total cost: $3,000
  • 1 FIXED Bridge made out Full Zirconium Crowns, total cost: $5,400
  • Temporary teeth ( you wear them while we build permanents): $500 (regardless of the number of sets needed determined by me and only during your stay)
  • Bone Grafts: $500
  • Total for upper: $ 9,400


  • Teeth Extractions $0 (all)
  • 6 Two Piece (one stage mode) Dental Implants at $500 each, total cost: $3,000
  • 1 FIXED Bridge made out Full Zirconium Crowns at $450 each, total cost $5,400
  • Temporary teeth ( you wear them while we build permanents): $500 (regardless of the number of sets needed determined by me and only during your stay)
  • Bone Grafts: $500
  • Total for Lower: $ 9,400
Other costs:
  • Crown Build Ups $0 (regardless of quantity and number needed)
  • Gum Recontouring: $0 (regardless of quantity and number needed
  • Consultation and Examination, CT SCAN, Panoramic x-rays, PAx-rays, study models: $100 (you pay only once regardless of quantity and number of visits needed)

GRAND TOTAL: $ 18,900 (regardless of material selected for your case)

Other Full Mouth Restorative Alternatives Available:
All on 8: $21,800 (both arches)
All on 5 $17,900(both arches)
All on 4 $16,900 (both arches)
Time For Completion Of Your Specific Case:
In order to complete the procedures accordingly we require that you come to Costa Rica for two visits:
Visit number one:
We extract proposed teeth, place dental implants, place and cement a fixed set of high-quality temporary teeth, then you go home. This will require a visit of 5 working days mínimum


Visit number two:
We remove temps and build the new permanent teeth, this requires a few sessions for fittings and conjunction work with you and our Dental Lab. This will require a visit of 9 working days minimum.

How Much Do You Have To Pay For Each Visit?

This is our policy:
On visit number one you will pay for: Consultation, X-rays, CT scans, etc. All Dental Implants, bone grafts if placed, , temporary teeth,
For your specific case on visit Number one, you will pay: $ 9,450
AND THEN: (visit number two)
On visit number two you will pay for your permanent crowns.
For your specific case on visit Number two, you will pay: $ 9,450
Other Procedures That Can Be Booked For You!
If you wish to book one of these optional procedures, the cost will be added to your total:
I.V. Sedation: $600 ( per surgical session regardless of time )
PRP $200 per Surgical Session


I am putting funding for this journey together in a number of ways, many of which benefit supporters with cool RPG products, art, and services.

First, is the Patreon. Here I am providing RPG stock are for supporters and first access to creations for sale.

My initial investment

This year I bought a few stocks and traded out well. I have cashed out enough to purchase a laser cutter / engraver ($2300). I will be using this to create many of the upcoming cool RPG products and extras. I am hopeful this small side business will be a big boost.

I put the remaining into a stable stock line and reserved the funds toward the total raised. (See the chart on the right where we’re tracking progress) I will update this as we move along.

fund Raising

As you can see, I am not simply putting a hat out and hoping everyone empties their wallets. While such activities will be welcome, and may help bridge some small goals, the intent is to drive hard on a series of products and goods that gamers and supporters want in order to get this necessary procedure taken care of.

What about insurance?

I am self-employed. Insurance isn’t a thing I have. even if I did pay out for dental insurance, it requires years before anything beyond basic cleanings are covered. This procedure would likely never become even partially covered.

Thank You

For your support, sharing the links, buying the products and spreading the #FangQuest hashtag. Blog posts under the FangQuest heading on this site will outline my adventure and track the journey. I hope that by sharing, it may help others on their own path.

All these links and sharing things will help get some really cool gaming art and products in your hands, and land my butt in the dental chair to change my life and stop the deterioration of my jaw.

~Lloyd Metcalf


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