Client List

I have worked with a number of clients in various capacities. Below are some of the names that I am allowed to share, who have used and published my art that you may recognize.

This is in addition to private collectors and purchasers of advertising and web / graphic design and concept work.

The following is quite possibly the most humbling testimonial I have ever received:



I was pleased and amazed with the quality of the art you did for Luke’s adventure. I gave you a very rough sketch and you turned it into a masterwork. For my half of the adventure the image you created of six entry ways and a set of stairs is going to be perfect to convey what is behind those doors. As far as I’m concerned you rank right up there with all of the great black & white artists of TSR of old.


James M. Ward

From Lesser Gnome

I met Lloyd by accident at a breakfast table at GaryCon V. Nearly two years and two hundred commissions later I can say unequivocally, “Hire this man!”.

Lloyd was Lesser Gnome’s Artist, Graphic Designer and rare voice of sanity in our first project- the ENnie Award Nominated Whisper & Venom Setting & Adventure Box Set. Lloyds skill and professionalism gave life to our writing and set a very high standard for what we feel art should be in role-playing games. Subtle, haunting, terrifying or amusing; Lloyd can deliver it. On time.

For every one of our projects he has never missed a deadline while consistently producing top-quality artwork. Whether he was given detailed descriptions of the subject or, more often than I care to admit, offered more loose guidelines (of the “like a bear, only bigger and unbear-like” variety) Lloyd delivered.

If all you are looking for is an artist that possesses talent, drive and professionalism then find someone else. If you want all those things plus integrity, decency and an easygoing demeanor, then Lloyd is your guy.

I give Lloyd Metcalf the highest recommendation for your project.

Zach Glazar

Luke Gygax had this to say:

I can say without reservation that Lloyd delivers great artwork with minimal guidance and is always on time! Thank you Lloyd Metcalf.