RPG Inktober 2018


I was following along with #Inktober2018 and realized I was losing a little inspiration with the “official prompts”. I saw there were other lists popping up with various topics and decided to take the Minotaur by the horns and create a much needed Fantasy RPG Inktober List!

Tag all your posts with #RPGInktober2018 and let’s have a good round!

The purpose of RPG Inktober is to draw daily – or at least more, with ink or an ink-like feel as much as possible. It’s intended to help artists improve and create a habit of working daily.

#1 rule is have fun, #2 is try to make it ink-like whenever possible, #3 Tag your posts so folks can find your work.

Full XP – One per day for all 31 days

Half XP – One every other day all month

NPC XP – One per week

Chaotic Neutral – do one whenever you want

Copy, paste, and share the link, the image, and your work.

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