Lady in Ink – Art in adventure

Lady in Ink. Markers & Acrylic on Cardstock. $40 + S&H
Lady in Ink. Markers & Acrylic on Cardstock. 8.5″ x 11″
$40 + S&H

*Buyers outside the US please contact me for shipping costs*

In the crazy world of freelance illustration, keeping up with bills, invoices, and client rquests it can be easy to lose touch with the core of what we do. I occasionally take a step back and seek joy in the roots of where I started as an impressionist sort of painter.

The Lady in Ink is one of those forays into inner peace amid chaos. These sorts of reflective moments will always be a part of who I am as an artist and illustrator. There was just something about this lovely gal, and I threw her into the dramatic lighting of black and white and she popped right out. I found the original pose to be just ok, but with the stark black and white, she became rather intense.

I left much of the marker lines and pen marks in tact to add some of that 60’s magazine grit that is simply… “Cool” for lack of better words.

You can grab this gal now as a “Support the artist” sort of piece. I fully intend on creating an entire RPG supplement  / adventure someday illustrated impressionistically. I don’t think it has really been approached, and I just want to make that happen. If and when it does, this gal may become part of that.

I personally am not a very good collector of RPG products, or art. I love the things so much that I handle them, hang them, move them around, until eventually and inevitably they become damaged. I have come to accept the best way for me to ‘collect’ my work as my career grows, is to allow other, more meticulous folks to obtain it and treat it properly. It is my hope that someday as I grow into my graying years with fading eyes, my friends will come and show me that they still have my works properly preserved.

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