Photoshop Brushes Nightmare!

Photoshop Brushes Nightmare Brush Organization!

If you are a digital painter, or use photoshop, you know that the struggle is REAL! Until recently I had a handle on my most commonly used brushes. The nice and handy Jonas De Ro Speed Paint Brush panel was a lovely answer. Everything is carried out with actions and it is a nice solution. A bit tricky to get my own brushes on the panel, but with some finagling, running smooth!

I recently started having troubles and quirky issues with my Win 7 and adobe CS6. So an upgraded to WIN 10 had to happen and with that – CC became more essential. Kicking and screaming I came to the new world. The new Adobe CC (anything beyond initial CC release) did away with this custom panel availability so they can get you need to go through official Adobe channels for extensions. So – there is a terrible draw back. No custom panels.

I have NO IDEA why Adobe photoshop is so far behind the curve on digital painting and illustration, since they are the industry standard. Likewise, why does Corel Painter makes their brush engine so nightmarishly complex that it is unusable? Corel Paint has a lovely feature where anyone can simple pop out custom panels on the fly to pop in their favorite brushes, settings and shortcuts. Adobe is having NONE of that silly convenience!

As a side note, I also wish photoshop would get on the ball and have rulers, live mirrored canvas, and snap-to perspective grids – like all their competition has been doing for years.

At any rate – there is a reasonably acceptable work around for brush organizing that will hold us over while Adobe tries to drag their feet to develop a ‘Configurator 5’ that will work with the new CC 2017.

There is this video of this fine chap “DeviantRahll” who has a pretty clean solution. As clean as phtoshop will allow anyway. I have now implemented it, and enjoy it. Not as much as the Jonas de Ro panel, but close. If you are still running in CS5 or CS6, get yourself Configurator 4, it’s free, and allows you to make custom panels similar to the one previously mentioned. You just pop the export into you Panels folder and load the extension in photoshop.

In the meantime:

I hope this helps tame the nightmare that is your photoshop brushes.

EDIT > appendix

After posting the above piece, I came to discover the newly remodeled Libraries of Photoshop CC2017. What’s so exciting about that? Looky here:

PS Library

What you are looking at is select brushes (Newly organized) able to be grabbed and dragged into the libary flyout for quick and constant access. This works almost exactly like the Jonas De Ro panel.
Yes, there will need to be some organization in there as well, but to be abe to drop your most commonly used brushes in a well for access is a BOON for painters.

You can create new libraries that just pop open, so brushes can be sorted that way – well done Adobe… well done… NOW GET ON THAT RULER THING!!


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