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Runic Necklace

Runic NecklaceCreating Magic Items

Last week I was out in the yard milling about with a piece of root from a fallen tree, thinking about my RPG artifacts and it occurred to me that I could do something with this stick.

I wanted to create something interesting to bring to my first GNEW (an SCA event) and had been thinking about the woodburning tool I found among some things at my Dad’s place.

I de-barked (mostly) and sliced the piece of wood, sanded it smooth and realized his was an opportunity to make another magic item. I carry the Fehu rune on my leg and immediately made the connection. Strange enough, the first design was a tree not a rune, bu tin no time I was drawing and doodling away with the wood burner making unicorns, runes, horses, and whatever came to mind.Runic Necklace

Then I tried a few versions of stains until I found one that felt warm and complimented the wood tones. Then a final dip in glaze before the fine work of assembling the cotton cords and jewelers bits to make it wearable.

No two are the same

Each one is different, each one is hand-drawn, and all jewelry components assembled in the studio, here in Maine. These are not factory-cranked-out pieces of a machine.

Every rune comes with some meaning and I found this site to be helpful.

You can order yours HERE.


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