Letting the Days Go By

People should be able to find a connection to the arts they observe, I want to add a little in-road here to my work, process and current projects. I intend for these things to fall under the ‘Art Blog’ heading here for those interested in  what the newest and latest works are.

I would sum up the past of how everything got to this point, but that would simply be too monumental a task, so I will sum up how I am working currently and we will move on from there. The majority of this first post will just catch up a number of things to present.

In The Studio:
I made a social media “joke” yesterday about Milwaukee’s North 48th & Lloyd St. being the new Soho in the Midwest. True to a limited extent in that my studio is starting to feel like the Warhol Factory sometimes. Or maybe I wish it could be the Warhol Factory. I might get more work out faster, but I still shoot for quality over quantity and I still work alone.

While I work there are frequently Art Documentaries running on my #2 monitor. This gets traded out with background ambient music and sounds depending on the project at hand.

Digital and Traditional media of various types are required to keep things rolling. I have found that switching from digital to traditional and back is a very fast method to grow in ability. With each, you are able to focus on improving different aspects of the work, then when you switch again, clear progress can be seen when the focus shifts.

Current Project:
There is a rather large commission looming, so I have been going through client files to make sure everyone is up to date. Right now Ernie Gygax of GP Adventures needs a few revisions on a past piece, and I will be trying to paint digitally a traditional painting I did for him, but found myself less than excited about the first result.

There is also a commission for gladiator dinosaurs to get tied up before the month is out and the new commission begins.

Once these loose ends are tied up, I hope to pay a little writing attention to “King’s Claw” an RPG adventure that has been cooking.

On the traditional media front, there are some canvases primed and ready to accept paint. The last couple of paintings I finished up sold at Gary Con. I never want to lose that love of paint use, so this will continue to be a place of growth. I will be including days at the Milwaukee Zoo for study very soon as the weather warms up.

lastly for this post, it recently occurred to me that I could use some PR and social media assistance. I will be rattling this around in my brain for a little while hoping a solution will present itself.




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