Doodle Per Day

Today I have come to realize that I can become distracted when it comes to art. I get involved with working on conventions, writing, school, garage building, and many other things. So I am creating the:

Doodle Per Day Challenge

I know it would be wonderful to post the daily doodles here, but honestly, it takes a bit more of an effort to post to the website than it does social media. I need to use a platform that makes things easy to be consistent.  I will be using my Lloyd Metcalf Instagram Page to chart the Doodle Per Day progress.

Why the DPD?

I am doing the DPD to create habitual drawing. Creating a habit of doing something has a number of benefits, but most of all, it adds to the visual library, the practice, and focus on creating SOMETHING without pressure for it to be finished, perfect or great.

If you decide to try the Doodle Per Day Challenge, please post a link to your DPD Challenge library below!




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