Adebanji Alade – An inspiring tale

Adebanji Alade
Adebanji Alade
Adebanji Alade

I really like this guy, this video, and everything about this. He reminds me of the key to successful skill mastery – Do it. Do it without short cuts. Find joy in it. and DO IT.

He is so excited about what he says and does, that I find myself getting excited  about it as well. Sometimes I begin to feel the path of an artist is a difficult one. Basketball players need to shoot, shoot, shoot. It starts to seem like they have it easy.

But it’s no different. Artists need to draw, draw, draw. No shortcuts, no variances, no different. I can really get lost in watching videos, seeking books, new paints, tools… then forget to apply the simplest piece – To draw.


Transferring what you see to paper daily should be how we all start our working day as artists. Check out the video, then check Adebanji Alade’s page for more of his work.

A very inspiring artist. I will now go off to simply – DRAW!



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