11 Things About Modeling for an Artist

Modeling for art

PSA on In Studio Modeling

Posing for ArtThere appears to be a little misunderstanding about a sitting in my art studio and posing for life drawings I attend / host. Let’s break a few things down.
  1. It doesn’t need to be nude. Sometimes anatomy isn’t the purpose, sometimes it is. You can decide this before posing, the artist may accept or reject the sitting depending on needs.
  2. It is NOT “sexy time” for the artist. Let me repeat that… it is NOT sexy time for the artist. typically it’s a study. It’s work. A challenge for the model, a challenge for the artist. poses have to be held, positions taped, lighting, composition etc. If you pose elsewhere and it becomes “sexy time” for the artist – get out of there!
  3. It’s a professional purpose. Bring your friend, spouse, S/O, whatever – it doesn’t matter and they will likely be bored. Because… see #2. It’s not up to me to entertain your safety guests (but I do make tea).
  4. Many artists will work from photos (myself included) after a sitting. Again – see #2 – The photos aren’t to show friends or post on instagram.
  5. Working from photos – It is zero help to send “sexy photos” you or someone else has taken. again – see #2 – Usable photos are usually specific, and 80% reference. Thanks for the sexy pics of you doing it… but not helpful at all. (see #2)
  6. You do not have to “Get in Shape” prior to a sitting. because
    a) It can be altered anyway – it’s paint
    b) It’s not about a sports Illustrated Cover
    c) see #2
    d) sometimes the purpose is to capture the essence of real life. Artists know everyone isn’t a supermodel.
  7. You may be asked to do strange things. (stand on one leg holding a bucket and a banana for 4 minutes). but in a working studio these weird things aren’t based on sexy time for the artist (See #2).
  8. If you are asked to pose / sit for an artist and it gets weird in a “sexy time” way. If it gets uncomfortable. You are not in the right place. Leave. Models at the sittings I attend should feel free to speak up if something is wrong.
  9. You can request legal documentation (contract) that reference photos taken cannot be used in any other format other than private reference for the creation of artwork. I.E. no online posting etc.
  10. Paintings and art can be very sensual and sexual in content. If this is so, it should be discussed before you agree to come to the studio. Still – see #2. If you commission a “sexy” piece. It should be discussed before hand.
  11. Spouses in a jealous rage are a HUGE hassle. Discuss your sitting before hand. See #2 – This isn’t about a pseudo-affair and no artist wants to be harassed by a spouse.

You sitting should not be loaded with uncomfortable surprises. Ask what to expect.

But really, you can relax and enjoy your studio time. It’s not like the movies. If you would like to sit for a session that would be great. Shoot me a contact and we’ll see what’s available / required.

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