LM Art Tribe

LM Art Tribe

What is the LM Art Tribe?

Are art openings intimidating to you? Is the pretension in the air so thick it feels like gelatinous slime? Do you feel like a troglodyte because you like or dislike something, but are afraid to say so? Do you wait for some pretty elite to like something before you buy or support the artist? Yeah…. me too.

Did you know that standard gallery artists only receive 40-50% of their sale? sometimes less! Is this really supporting the arts and the artist?

How do artists go from inspired individuals to working professional artists?

I’m not completely sure either, but it’s happening and I am sharing the journey with everyone on the list. There’s a story to tell. The path to becoming a working artist was kept secret, so I am blazing a trail and leaving breadcrumbs for others to follow.

Who is the LM Art Tribe for?

Heretics to the status quo are part of the LM Art Tribe. Who else?

  • People who want the arts and artists to survive, succeed, and thrive
  • Collectors
  • Buyers
  • Artists who need shows
  • Businesses who want artists to use their space

Who is LM Art Tribe NOT for?

  • The status quo
  • Gate keepers
  • Haughty elitists that think art is only for high culture and couture
  • Predators that make their profits off the working artists
  • Galleries that take advantage of their artists
  • Art Walks in your city that ONLY cater to pretense and elitists

Join us… and shake things up! 

Right now we are organizing a showing of local artists in a guerrilla art showing in a city built on artists, but one that has forgotten that the artists are what brought them to the city – Portland, Maine.

Join the LM Art Tribe NOW!

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