Lloyd Metcalf Art & Illustration

Lloyd Metcalf is a working artist and Illustrator living in Brownfield Maine. I have worked with most of the OSR publishers in the tabletop gaming world. I’m the art director for Gary Con gaming convention, On staff artist for NTRPGcon, and always pushing the comfort zone of fine art showings and settings. As a fine artist, I am a life-long student of the arts in all its forms. Let’s make something great and leave this world better than we found it. Join me!

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Recent Posts

Barn Swallow Drama

Barn Swallow DramaBrownfield was a-tweet! This morning we noticed the front yard was a buzz with swallows. as many as a dozen at a time were perching on the dog run, swooping and swirling around. We reveled in seeing the birds and how [Read More]

Goths in the Sun

Goths in the SunGoth Fly a Kite? Two things that you think don't ever mix, mix every year in early June at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine - Goths and Sun. Our friends get together every year in the park for picnicking, flying [Read More]

Arbitrary Art

Arbitrary ArtThis week saw the launch of a NEW Youtube Channel "Arbitrary Art" where I host a series for artists interested in exploring their tools, keeping inspiration rolling, everyday workings for an artist, and product reviews. Head over to the Youtube channel [Read More]

Making a Feng Zhu Brush for Photoshop

Making a Feng Zhu Brush for PhotoshopIt's no secret that I'm one of MANY Feng Zhu fans. I keep his videos on tap while I'm working and like to scroll through them frequently. While watching one video, I realized there was an outline of one of [Read More]

What If - Arts

What If - ArtsWhat if the arts weren’t an integral part of our educational system? It’s always something that comes up for debate whenever school budgets are discussed. The arts are treated almost like an expensive recess among primary and even higher educational systems [Read More]