Stiletto of the Aristocrat

Stiletto of the Aristocrat This +1 Stiletto is forged of northern blue steel gilded in gold and silver filigree. The stiletto is sought after by the […] Read More

The Fish Bone Tavern

The Fish Bone Tavern The rowdy sailor tavern is owned and operated by Benwar Feldintersnuff. The tavern is built directly on the fish docks of […] Read More

Tundra Ant

Tundra ants Are huge, five-foot-long arctic / sub arctic ants, most with imposing mandibles. The colony will have various types of ants with particular duties […] Read More

Ugly Stick

The Ugly Stick At it’s core is a 30″ weighted sheleighleigh +2. Damage vs Sm-Med       1d4+2 Damage vs Lg                  1d3+2 Encumbrance                  3 Cost                                   N/A Unique […] Read More

RPG Hoard

A brief explanation of what I intend to do with the RPG Hoard category. When I find the time, I would like to start bringing […] Read More