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Mind the Gap – When a nerd does a TED Talk

What happens when a “Professional Nerd” gets invited to do a TEDx Talk?   Despite being remarkably nervous, the first speaker of an event, and numerous other pressures…. it actually turns out ok. In April 2016 I was invited to do a TEDx Talk at SMCC in Maine. A great deal of effort, time, and … Continue reading »

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A guy with a sword – What you are missing

It’s one of the most common character types to have in an RPG image, adventure or illustration next to a wizard. Just a guy with a sword isn’t just a guy with a sword. As artists when we get requests for a quick “guy with a sword” there are about to be a number of … Continue reading »

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The Artist, Outside Looking In

Naked bodies everywhere, lazy afternoons of drinking, moody passions that overflow, and embracing the sweet life. There are a number of ideas about what a working artist does with their day and what they do, I wish a number of them were true. Movies, books, television, and outside perceptions about artists have warped a lot … Continue reading »

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Last Call Oliviah

Much of my efforts lately have been in getting Last Call Oliviah out the door to my Kickstarter backers.  You can see all the projects that we are working on at . The project / module / adventure / introduction to Lands of Lunacy is probably going to be in the 70-80 page range. Not … Continue reading »

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Fine Art and Moving

Hello Wisconsin! That’s right, we will be on the road to South Milwaukee starting Monday 8/24/15. After lingering around Florida for a year, we knew we liked the weather, but really, that was about it. Once there, and we find a place to rent, I will begin seeking some studio or working space to delve … Continue reading »

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Supporting the Goblin

Being a working Art Goblin There are a number of things that happen behind the scenes before an adventure module hits your hands. Publishing a module, and hammering out an adventure for your friends in a notebook are two completely different things. It also takes more time than one might expect. The expense of having … Continue reading »

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Gary Con Bound

It’s that time of year again and departure day is looming. Only a day or two away now before I step on the plane loaded down with adventures, wares, dice, books and an excitement to meet up with RPG friends. It’s Gary Con season. It is the place where I launched my illustration career, and … Continue reading »

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Happy New Quest!

Happy New Year! Happy indeed! We are at 70% funding already and numerous feedback emails and comments on my Adventure Greeting Card idea! I am really excited about this project and bursting with ideas. Here you can see the facing illustration from Card #2 “The Frozen Tower”. This farm hand turned warrior seems to be … Continue reading »

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The Kitiara Complex

Fantasy Women in Real Armor The Illustrators Challenge I have struck what I will dub the “Kitiara Complex”. Kitiara was a character in the Dragonlance series who donned dragon armor. A mysterious and skilled warrior who no one realized was the beautiful Kitiara until later in the story when she removed her helmet and armor. … Continue reading »

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Computing Progress

Computer Memory Then and Now Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. In 1956 an IBM Model 350 Disk File – 5mb hard drive was unheard of and only used with gigantic main-frame systems that required highly specialized users. This baby held 50 24″ disks when 5 MB was virtually limitless storage. … Continue reading »

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