Last Call Oliviah

Much of my efforts lately have been in getting Last Call Oliviah out the door to my Kickstarter backers. ¬†You can see all the projects […] Read More

Fine Art and Moving

Hello Wisconsin! That’s right, we will be on the road to South Milwaukee starting Monday 8/24/15. After lingering around Florida for a year, we knew […] Read More

Gary Con Bound

It’s that time of year again and departure day is looming. Only a day or two away now before I step on the plane loaded […] Read More

Happy New Quest!

Happy New Year! Happy indeed! We are at 70% funding already and numerous feedback emails and comments on my Adventure Greeting Card idea! I am […] Read More

The Kitiara Complex

Fantasy Women in Real Armor The Illustrators Challenge I have struck what I will dub the “Kitiara Complex”. Kitiara was a character in the Dragonlance […] Read More

Computing Progress

Computer Memory Then and Now Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. In 1956 an IBM Model 350 Disk File – 5mb […] Read More