Marrett House Art Show

The Marrett House in Standish Maine is hosting their 9th annual art show, among the artists: yours truly (Lloyd Metcalf). That’s right, D&D game guy […] Read More

Attention Artists

Learn the Jeff Miracola Technique If you are an RPG and art nerd like me and don’t know the name Jeff Miracola by now, you […] Read More

Get Raven to Texas!

My friend and RPG illustration client Bill Barsh who owns Pacesetter games and simulations has come up with a ‘sponsor a youngster’ sort of program. […] Read More

Does Art Sell RPGs?

Does Art Sell? When Lesser Gnome’s Zach Glazar started to delve into the world he had been dreaming about as an RPG producer he did […] Read More

Rollin’ in a Dungeon Wonderland

Manacles ring Are you listening In the pit Treasure glistening A beautiful sight We’re happy tonight Rolling in a dungeon wonderland Gone away, is the paladin […] Read More