Lloyd Metcalf – The long story

I started my artistic ambitions as a very young fellow drawing, painting, and trying to create things I imagined. It was and continues to be a struggle to render things the way I would like. I have always struggled, been frustrated, and eventually returned to try again, to make things appear as I want them.

My Aunt Donna used to give me art supplies every holiday. Of all the things I was given for gifts, it was her gifts I looked forward to the most. She was giving me unlimited potential every year.

Later my mother paid local artist Jan Maynard to help me learn to paint and work through a few things. I still struggled not really understanding the process to improvement.

I spent MANY years drawing and painting but not improving. I became progressively frustrated until I nearly stopped creating completely, but always wishing I could. Much later I realized that mindlessly drawing without purpose or intent was futile. I needed to create with purpose. I needed to study with intent if I wanted to improve.

I got a degree in Communications / New Media after working in a “non-profit” field for 20 years supporting people with developmental disabilities. They decided to cut my pay by over 30%… and it was time for a change.

This degree introduced me to design, and I began to learn how to learn. I began anew as an artist and illustrator. I studied with purpose. I worked for many of my heroes in the tabletop gaming world. It wasn’t until I was commissioned as an illustrator in the gaming world that I really began to push myself out of my comfort zone and improve my work.

After that two-year-degree, I returned to study art. Now it was creating with purpose, studying with intent, art was becoming a form of communication. I took 47 years to find the message…. and now I have a bullhorn.