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Occasionally custom art, unique items and other collectibles show up in the online store. Every purchase from the webstore is a way to directly support future projects and my work as an artist.

If you are interested in purchasing work or have other general inquiries contact information is on the About page.


Recent posts to The Art Goblin’s Dungeon

ALMOST awesome figures

In my on-going quest for XP, funded or not, I move forward with studies. I picked up the Kindle edition of Neil Fontaine's "How to Draw Awesome Figures" (Link to the left). Was it worth my $5 or $6? Mostly. What [Read More]

The Quest for Experience

The Quest for ExperienceThe Quest for Experience Adventuring Class: Artist The Mission: Over the course of a year, advance artistic skill to confidently return to the RPG, Fantasy and Sci-fi field at the ‘next level’ and in doing so, blaze a path of study for future [Read More]

This will only take you a minute

This will only take you a minute"This will only take you a few minutes!" The dreaded words that your client will say to you as a freelance creative. More likely to be heard if you released an hourly rate you use as an estimate for client rates. [Read More]

Is an Artist Always Turned On?

Is an Artist Always Turned On? Creativity is a fickle and fiery mistress. Artists and creatives are not able to set their alarm in the morning, head off to work, turn out amazing products for eight hours, then go home to talk about the day [Read More]

Draw From Life

Draw From Life There are numerous accounts of artists throughout history and into the modern day that will say that nothing will improve an artist faster than drawing from life.  James Gurney is a realist painter / illustrator and he paints from [Read More]

Digital Days

Some days are just all digital and that is the result of the modern day artist. The website needed some help with linking and navigation, some Ecommerce preparations for Gary Con, and now that the day is half over [Read More]

Letting the Days Go By

Letting the Days Go By People should be able to find a connection to the arts they observe, I want to add a little in-road here to my work, process and current projects. I intend for these things to fall under the 'Art Blog' heading here [Read More]

The Artist, Outside Looking In

The Artist, Outside Looking InNaked bodies everywhere, lazy afternoons of drinking, moody passions that overflow, and embracing the sweet life. There are a number of ideas about what a working artist does with their day and what they do, I wish a number of them [Read More]

Attention Artists

Attention Artists Learn the Jeff Miracola Technique If you are an RPG and art nerd like me and don't know the name Jeff Miracola by now, you might be living under a rock. Jeff is an accomplished illustrator from companies such as WOTC, [Read More]

The Cavalier

The Cavalier The Cavalier stands guard before a field of crimson. 11x14 Acrylic on stretched canvas. He awaits your call to the game room. With this piece I tackled metal, reflective metals, and of course, cool armor. Only one of it's kind available [Read More]

The Fairy Prince

The Fairy PrinceThe Fairy Prince Original Lloyd Metcalf acrylic painting on handmade wood panel 2x16x24 This painting was completed during the 2015 holidays as a reminder that spring is coming. The fairy looks tempted by her smooth talking "prince" while she sits at the [Read More]

Midnight Oliviah gets a new face!

Midnight Oliviah gets a new face!Midnight Olivah got a re-edit and some new monsters added, along with new artwork. Thanks to the backing from Kickstarters that Funded Last Call Oliviah, an updated Misnight Oliviah was part of the deal. It now plays much smoother, some blank [Read More]

Last Call Oliviah

Last Call Oliviah Much of my efforts lately have been in getting Last Call Oliviah out the door to my Kickstarter backers.  You can see all the projects that we are working on at http://FailSquadGames.com . The project / module / adventure / introduction to [Read More]

Dragon Art

Dragon ArtOriginal Art Original Pen and archival ink dragon drawings on 11"x8.5" 24 pt board (Magazine backer boards) Click HERE NOW! I started doing these for Kickstarter backers, and decided they were so fun and entertaining, that I would do a bunch of [Read More]

Fine Art and Moving

Fine Art and MovingHello Wisconsin! That's right, we will be on the road to South Milwaukee starting Monday 8/24/15. After lingering around Florida for a year, we knew we liked the weather, but really, that was about it. Once there, and we find a [Read More]