Last Call Oliviah


Much of my efforts lately have been in getting Last Call Oliviah out the door to my Kickstarter backers.  You can see all the projects that we are working on at .

The project / module / adventure / introduction to Lands of Lunacy is probably going to be in the 70-80 page range. Not the standard adventure length, but I really wanted to get some players into the Lands of Lunacy.

It has been worth it, but I can’t wait to deliver it either.

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Dragon Art

Original Art

dragonOriginal Pen and archival ink dragon drawings on 11″x8.5″ 24 pt board (Magazine backer boards) Click HERE NOW!

I started doing these for Kickstarter backers, and decided they were so fun and entertaining, that I would do a bunch of them!

Expect to see these drawings in future Fail Squad Games supplements. I avoided dragons for some time thinking they had been over-done. but I couldn’t resist any longer…. I like Dragons.

Shop now

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Fine Art and Moving

Hello Wisconsin!

Fine Art update That’s right, we will be on the road to South Milwaukee starting Monday 8/24/15. After lingering around Florida for a year, we knew we liked the weather, but really, that was about it.

Once there, and we find a place to rent, I will begin seeking some studio or working space to delve back into the Fine art realm a little more again. Perhaps with a cross-over from RPG illustration connecting line somehow.

Things are happening fast, and I will be deeper than ever in my RPG illustration work, since we will be immersed in the birthplace of Dungeons and Dragons.

Many updates around this coming up, for now we need to pack, and find a rent and studio space.

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Lady in Ink – Art in adventure

Lady in Ink. Markers & Acrylic on Cardstock. $40 + S&H

Lady in Ink. Markers & Acrylic on Cardstock. 8.5″ x 11″
$40 + S&H

*Buyers outside the US please contact me for shipping costs*

In the crazy world of freelance illustration, keeping up with bills, invoices, and client rquests it can be easy to lose touch with the core of what we do. I occasionally take a step back and seek joy in the roots of where I started as an impressionist sort of painter.

The Lady in Ink is one of those forays into inner peace amid chaos. These sorts of reflective moments will always be a part of who I am as an artist and illustrator. There was just something about this lovely gal, and I threw her into the dramatic lighting of black and white and she popped right out. I found the original pose to be just ok, but with the stark black and white, she became rather intense.

I left much of the marker lines and pen marks in tact to add some of that 60’s magazine grit that is simply… “Cool” for lack of better words.

You can grab this gal now as a “Support the artist” sort of piece. I fully intend on creating an entire RPG supplement  / adventure someday illustrated impressionistically. I don’t think it has really been approached, and I just want to make that happen. If and when it does, this gal may become part of that.

I personally am not a very good collector of RPG products, or art. I love the things so much that I handle them, hang them, move them around, until eventually and inevitably they become damaged. I have come to accept the best way for me to ‘collect’ my work as my career grows, is to allow other, more meticulous folks to obtain it and treat it properly. It is my hope that someday as I grow into my graying years with fading eyes, my friends will come and show me that they still have my works properly preserved.

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Get Raven to Texas!

My friend and RPG illustration client Bill Barsh who owns Pacesetter games and simulations has come up with a ‘sponsor a youngster’ sort of program. My daughter was humbled and excited to be chosen as the first for cause.

Below is a re-post of Pacesetter Games post on social media. At the core Bill has been kind enough to have a gigantic sale on all his quality RPG supplements and adventures to fund a youngster with ambition and promise to gain exposure to OSR, and the origins or our hobby. I think it is an excellent idea, and I will be sure to endorse such a project in the future even when my daughter is not the beneficiary of such generosity.

I encourage you to support the cause to expose the next generation to old school RPGs by sharing this link or the text within, going to the Pacesetter Games site and taking advantage of the coupon code, or telling your friends about it.


From: Pacesetter Games & Simulations
Re: Get Raven to the North Texas RPG Convention
Date: 22 May 2015
Who: Raven Metcalf
Where: North Texas RPG Convention
Why: No short answer to this one. Many of you know, have met, or both, Lloyd Metcalf. Lloyd is an illustrator – definitely OSR – who has produced some fantastic artwork, most notably for Lesser Gnome Publishing, Gary Con, and to a much smaller degree Pacesetter. In talking with Lloyd I learned he has a daughter who also illustrates – Raven. As part of the conversation we talked about the upcoming NTX. I told him it would be a great experience for him to bring his daughter along. First, attending a con with one of your kids is an awesome experience. Secondly, she could learn a lot about the OSR or OSG, in general.
Lloyd, although very enthusiastic about the idea, is a freelance artist who recently made the move to Florida. That means the fare for a plane ticket is too much of stretch for him right now. Bummer. Well, more than that.
So I started thinking a bit about this – never a good idea for me – and came up with a possible solution. Pacesetter Games & Simulations is holding a special module sale this weekend only. The proceeds from every module sold will go to getting Raven a plane ticket to the NTX. Now, I know Lloyd is not looking for any sort of charity. But for me, this is the right thing to do. I am not asking for donations, but just make a purchase and 100% of the sale goes to the plane ticket. I will even throw in FREE shipping in the U.S. If you are an international customer, I will split it with you. See coupon codes below.
If you have them all, I have another option. See below for ways to help move this along.
1.Domestic U.S. customers: Purchase any module(s) and 100% goes to the airfare. Pacesetter pays for your shipping. Use coupon code: Raven2015
2.International customers: Purchase any module(s) and 100% goes to the airfare. Pacesetter will split your shipping. Use coupon code: Raven2015X
3.Buy the limited edition module, The Raven and the Lone Star, and the proceeds go to the airfare. All customers use Coupon code Raven2015NTX for a $3 discount on shipping (basically free for U.S. customers). This module will be limited to production equal to those who purchase. It will not be reprinted. Lloyd is drawing up a special cover and he will sign each copy (at the NTX this year) and each copy is numbered. This is not a full-blown module; figure on eight pages, but I will have it produced and bound like a standard size module. This module is only available this weekend!
4.Don’t want print copies: I have re-enabled the Pacesetter Annual PDF Sale through Sunday. See the release information below on how to order. Same rules apply.
If this endeavor ends successfully, I think it needs to be run again for Gary Con. There could be an application or nomination process. We all talk about the need to get younger gamers into the OSR. Here is an opportunity to make some sort of dent. Of course, I’ll take all the input and help I can get.
So there it is. We as gamers are a great crowd. I am very hopeful we can get this done. I only wish I had more time to throw it together as I am sure there are better ideas. All the best and thanks, as always! And tell all your friends and repost this!
One last thing, the drive ends Memorial Day unless we get it done sooner. If the sales go over, the extra funds will go to the next “send a kid to a con.”
Bill Barsh
Pacesetter Games & Simulations

Pacesetter PDF Sale Release:
It is time for Pacesetter Games & Simulations’ annual PDF sale, but not just any sale. This sale includes one-time offer of unprecedented scale! Not only are ALL Pacesetter titles available at a significant discount, there are three bundle packages that offer massive savings.
Note, if you choose to buy any print module, you will automatically receive a PDF copy!
Option 1: Every Pacesetter title can be purchased individually at 60% of the print price! Buy as many as you like – they are all at least 60% off. Each module includes an instant download at time of purchase or you will receive via email within 24 hours.
Coupon Code: PDF2015 (at check out)
Shipping: Select PDF as shipping method
Option 2: Vampire Queen Package – You will receive all six V-series modules via email (PDF attachments). These modules have never been available in PDF format and they will not be included again for at least two years. This package is priced at $40 – a savings of more than 65%.
Coupon Code: None – Select “V1-6-PDF Series” from the catalog.
Shipping: Select PDF as shipping method; your modules will be emailed to the address you include at check out.
Option 3: Baker’s Dozen Package – Select 13 modules* for the low price of $50. In the notes section of the check out screen, select your modules by (i.e. B1, Q2, etc.). Make sure you select all 13 modules.
Coupon Code: None – Select “Baker’s Dozen” from the catalog.
Shipping: Select PDF as shipping method; your modules will be emailed to the address you include at check out.
•V-series is excluded from this package; The Blood Cult is considered 4 modules for purposes of total.
Option 4: Pacesetter Package – This package includes every module ever produced by Pacesetter! Not only every module, but every printing of each module! Wait there is more. You get every module, every printing of every module, but also working drafts of several upcoming modules, and working drafts of some classic Pacesetter modules. In all there are 49 complete modules, Five Play test/Folder modules, and Four working drafts of upcoming modules! There are 271 individual files – when I say you get every printing, you are getting them all. This package is mailed to you and the PDFs are included on a custom, numbered flash drive (4 GB). All of this for $159. That is less than $3 per module.
The Pacesetter Package will NEVER be released again in this format.
See the attached Pacesetter Catalog (most of the included modules are detailed).
Coupon Code: None – Select “Pacesetter Package” Make sure you include your mailing address in the check out section.
Shipping: Select PDF as shipping method; your modules will be mailed to the address you include at check out.
Pacesetter Package Includes:
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
A1 Path of the Slave Masters
B1 Legacy of the Unknown
BC1 The Blood Cult Boxed Set (Supplement and Four adventure modules)
C1 The Circle of Fire
CSM1 Fog of War
CSM2 Death From Above
CSM3 A Cold Day in Hell
CSM7 The Darkest Pit
D5 The Fires of Balir
DA1 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level One
DA2 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Two
DA3 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Three
DA4 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Four
DA5 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Five
DA6 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Six
GC1 It Lurks Below
GC2 They Lurk Below
GC3 It Crawled From Below
H1 Six Feet Under
I1 Grave of the Green Flame
I2 Beyond the Black Wall
I3 Ruins of the Red Moon
L1 Storm of Tears
Q1 The Screaming Temple
Q2 Eruptor’s Vengeance
Q3 Death on Signal Island
Q4 The Final Chapter
RQ1-4 The Red Queen (Four modules)
S1 The Haunted House of Clendil
S2 Prisoner of Destiny
S3 Edge of Shadow
T1 The Thing in the Valley
T2 The Things in the Forest
TM1 The Lost Caravan
TM2 Storm over Skyreach
TM3 Raid at the Acaeum
TM4 Return to the Forgotten City
U1 Dark Eye of the Hurricane
V1 The Vampire’s Curse
V2 Palace of the Vampire Queen
V3 The Dwarven Glory
V4 The Misty Isles
V5 Palace of the Vampire Queen: Castle Blood
V6 Palace of the Vampire Queen: Crypts of the Living

Swords & Wizardry
Q3 Death on Signal Island – Swords & Wizardry
SW1 The Secret of Redscar – Swords & Wizardry
Dungeon Crawl Classics – RPG (DCC)
Q1 The Screaming Temple – DCC RPG
Playtest Modules/Folder Modules
A2 Sanctuary of the Slave Masters
A3 War of the Slave Masters
DB1 DragonBane
T0.5 Cursed Cairn of the Moathouse
TM5 While the Sun Sleeps
Working Drafts
C2 The Goblin Crown
R1 The Great Race
U2 Savage Sea Ghosts of Saltmire
W1 The Bones of Nurgale

Visit to order your PDFs.
The annual PDF sale ends Sunday, May 24.
Bill Barsh
Pacesetter Games & Simulations
(248) 318.1292

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Supporting the Goblin

Art GoblinBeing a working Art Goblin

There are a number of things that happen behind the scenes before an adventure module hits your hands. Publishing a module, and hammering out an adventure for your friends in a notebook are two completely different things.

It also takes more time than one might expect. The expense of having 100 or even 50 short modules printed alone can put a large dent in the budget. I quit a cushy office job to take on this endeavor of a dream. A dream to not only be an RPG illustrator, but a producer of adventures and tabletop products.

So far, things are going pretty well, and my work has now been distributed around the planet. That doesn’t mean wealth, it means getting by while building a dream. You can help build this dream AND get some pretty groovy collectible items along the way. Items that grow in value as my dream and career grow.
Items like the Kobold Throne below.

Kobold Throne  6" x11.75" water color with ink pen on heavy stock watercolor paperboard

Kobold Throne 6″ x11.75″ water color with ink pen on heavy stock watercolor paperboard.
Item Sold!

 Interested in getting original works like this at a bargain?

You can. You can also get a stream of RPG content, items, NPCs, art and ideas to bring to your gaming table for just a little scratch every month. Check out the Patreon page to learn more.

Why Patreon?
I am choosing Patreon primarily because it has a ‘members only’ board.
This allows an inside view of the work that an artist invests in creating that ‘cool looking orc’ on the cover.

Patrons provide on-going support to create RPG content for their games. Here I can post weekly updates of items, new characters or artwork. Patrons get content before it goes to print. Dibs on art, and after it does go to print, your support gets you either free copies or ‘at cost’ signed copies.

Next, you simply need to choose your support level and watch the feed!

If this project produces results and artwork that satisfies everyone, I would like to continue this journey. This is the first step.

Funds raised support my work and life as an artist. They also afford me the ability to print, produce, and take on the costs of production.
If the project funds significantly there will be more rewards and funding will be folded forward to more projects.
Sharing the page and the project will only grow your own rewards.

Check it out NOW




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Adventure Bundle

Adventure Bundle

Adventure Bundle!

Adventure Bundles Went on sale today!

All 4 Mini Mod Adventures WITH a FREE 25 pg character sheet notepad for LESS than the Mini Mods alone!
For a short time I am offering this bundle in order to gear up for creating the next adventure module.
I really learned a great deal illustrating, writing, editing and laying these out. GET YOURS NOW!

Click Here to visit the webstore

This really is a great deal, and will be gone before I pack my bags to go off to North Texas RPG Con! This is a better deal than you will get even at my convention table!

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Gary Con Bound

GCVIIIt’s that time of year again and departure day is looming. Only a day or two away now before I step on the plane loaded down with adventures, wares, dice, books and an excitement to meet up with RPG friends.

It’s Gary Con season. It is the place where I launched my illustration career, and the place where I perpetuate it. This year with an old school style module for Chris Clark who gathered up all the old TSR folks for a Gary Con VII adventure .

I continued it with Luke Gygax’s BL3 module, cover and interiors. I will be arriving with products from a couple of Kickstarters this year that includes 4 of my own adventures, plus the Micro Quest adventures.

A stock pile of prints, arts, and whatever else I think I can contribute.

You can follow me on Twitter for play by play updates here. Also on Facebook here.

Shipping from the web-store will be on hold until I get back home (April 1).

Gary Con honors the life, times, and games of Gary Gygax. I am honored to be part of it and contribute every year. It is one of the highlights of my gaming world for sure.
Here we go!



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NEW Backer level added

warrior scene_sm

Just three days to go and a NEW backer level added!

I am always open to new ideas that backers would like to see for rewards and levels for this and future projects. In an effort to keep the ball rolling I have added a NEW backer level!

– Greeting Card Hoarder – $45

Want more or missed the RPG greeting card Kickstarter? No problem.
At this level you  receive:

  • One each of the 5 core Micro Quest Cards created with envelopes.
  • PLUS five (5) “Giant’s Holiday” Greeting cards to send to RPG loved ones over the holiday season.
  • PLUS (5) Santa vs white dragon post cards.
  • PLUS (5) Cavalier and his mount post cards.
  • PLUS (2) Druid Casts Entangle Greeting cards – with envelopes
    PLUS (2) Swamp Dragon Greeting Cards – with envelopes
  • PLUS (2) Conjurers New Friend 5×7 post cards
  • PLUS (2) Garden Pixie 5×7 post cards
  • PLUS (2) Alien Diplomat 5×7 post cards
  • PLUS Access to add unlocked add ons to your backing level as stretch goals (Hopefully) are unlocked.
    Additional or multiple Micro Quest Card rewards can be had for $3.50 each backing beyond original level – As they are unlocked.

Get in on the Micro Quest Cards Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

Time is slipping away with only a few days left before funding closes down!

Adventure modules in greeting card form!

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Tabletop RPGs – It’s how we roll!

Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop RPG’s

I think it’s time I admit it, I was born in 1971, and started finding my interests through the 80’s as an individual. Much of the work I do and ideas around tabletop RPG’s that I come up with today are launched from that place in the mid 1980’s. BECMI, First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, on through to Second Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not productive to incite an edition war, but there is a reason I always open the First Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons books to get inspired. It was where it all began for me, it was the first time the land of imagination expanded out from my feet and the adventure really began.

My friends and I first broke in with the Red Box basic set, but we gobbled up the added complexity of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons as we grew.

In this time of the 80’s there was a lot going on around TSR and it seemed it had really hit a stride. The world was changing and with each roll to hit, we helped make it. Our young lives, as happens with most teen lives, were fraught with struggles as we tried to learn societies rules. By role playing we were able to think through the possible situations and interact with our friends on an entirely new level. This formed some of the strongest lasting bonds of our young, and old lives. This was often the result for many young people sitting around the table, across the country, then across the world.

Tabletop RPG’s create some immediate friendships and bonds that quickly delve into our personality places that a traditional friendship may take years to explore… if ever. When a group of gamers get together at a convention or at home there is a quick link that gets forged about the time dice start hitting the table. It’s the time we are swept back to the 80’s being teenagers and trying to figure out society. A time when we rely on our friends heavily to explore ourselves and each others thoughts and feelings.

Obviously this relates back to me personally being a teen in the 1980’s. The result though, is similar with groups that came both earlier and later to tabletop RPG gaming.

What does all this have to do with ANYTHING?

In those days when I was most inspired by gaming, there was little or no money for adventure modules. We made our own adventures. Sometimes with no plan at all, we would sit down to the table.

For our small gorup, usually of 3, of which I was almost always the DM, the story often started as follows:

You are in a tavern, and there’s an old man in the corner mumbling, sometimes yelling, and carrying on about a dungeon just outside of town!!

This would be enough for us to embark on hours of fun, laughs, and excitement. It was quite possibly the simplest of beginnings and it was all made up on the fly. Sure sometimes there was a laid out plan, but not always.
Those best quest springboards were inspired by a couple of books I had in my stack. The book of Lairs and The Book of Marvelous Magic.

Sometimes I could piece together a night of ‘by the seat of your pants’ gaming with a flip through the monster manuals for an instigator or villain, but it was the quick launch of the Book of Lairs that always created the best inspirations.

This softcover book would dedicate a few pages to a lair, or encounter set-up with a few details about what was happening and a LOT of room for the DM to alter the difficulty and flavor on the fly. It was possibly the most used, but under-read book I had. It was enough to get things flowing. It was very easy to get the core of the idea, put in some of your own twists and make it into something bigger or smaller than what it was.

Now so many years later, I have created Micro Quest Cards. Each card is inspired by the book of lairs and that original feeling. A single lair, an encounter, a simple jumping point waiting for the DM.

The format seemed simple to me as I had recently created RPG themed greeting cards.

But more than that, if you can, recall the feeling you get when a loved one gives you a card. It could be Birthday, bar mitzvah, holiday, wedding… whatever. It really is a little hollow feeling. Some sentiment, and a signature. Like they were some sort of rockstar.

Then comes the guilt. the HUGE wave of guilt after a couple months of living on the refrigerator when you finally put the sentiment from your loved one in the garbage! We all do it, we all have to get through it. Then it may occur to you, that it happens to your loved ones after you have given them a card. The guilt as they throw away your sentiment.

Greeting Card Size, Adventure Module Feel

Micro Quest Cards by Lloyd Metcalf

The Micro Quest Cards are like taking a page out of the book of lairs, adding in that feeling of gaming in the 80’s with your teen age friends, and handing it to your friend or loved one on a special occasion. when it is opened, there is no hollow feeling!! This is a GODDAMM ADVENTURE! it won’t be thrown in the trash later, it will be added to the gaming collection and the DM arsenal!

With these cards you are giving the sentiment of the card AND a great gaming supplement!

But to bring this to full vibrant life, I need your help. Back the kickstarter now and get your cards as rewards.

Help launch the idea and change the way Tabletop RPG gamers give greeting cards!

Support the Kickstarter today!

Micro Quest Cards

Micro Quest Cards


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