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Lloyd Metcalf is a life-long “doodler” and dreamer that rebelled against societal standards and norms insisting that there had to be a better way. The Gaming world is where things started to make sense as an illustrator, then a writer, then a designer. Life now comes around to incorporating fine arts and experimental projects as an artist who is always getting out of the comfort zone.

Recent Posts

Why Drag Queens? Why LGBTQ?

Why Drag Queens? Why LGBTQ? I built much of my career on Dungeons & Dragons, orcs, goblins, and mad wizards. So why drag queens and LGBTQ+ Stuff? I think it deserves an answer, even if it isn't always asked out-right. A Look at Things Let's look [Read More]

Remarkable Beauty

Remarkable Beauty Remarkable Beauty Is a First Friday Art show in Portland Maine celebrating the beauty, culture, and successes of the LGBTQ+ community. Where: FLASK Lounge 117 Spring Street, Portland, Maine Click here for map 21+ only inside the building. Second showing - All ages: SMCC Art [Read More]

LMetcalf Changes Direction

LMetcalf Changes DirectionUp to now much of this page has been devoted to RPGs. Previously (Before Fail Squad Games) This was the main page for the RPG products and business. These days Fail Squad Games is it's own entity and shouldn't be confused [Read More]

Doodle Per Day

Doodle Per Day Today I have come to realize that I can become distracted when it comes to art. I get involved with working on conventions, writing, school, garage building, and many other things. So I am creating the: Doodle Per Day Challenge I know [Read More]

How to become a better artist right now!

How to become a better artist right now!Becoming a better artist isn't rocket science, brain surgery, nor does it require "talent". The answer is simple, but you might not like it. Nicolaides' "The Natural way to draw" has been on my shelf, and many other artist's shelves [Read More]

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