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Lloyd Metcalf is a working artist and Illustrator living in Brownfield Maine. I have worked with most of the OSR publishers in the tabletop gaming world. I’m the art director for Gary Con gaming convention, On staff artist for NTRPGcon, and always pushing the comfort zone of fine art showings and settings. As a fine artist, I am a life-long student of the arts in all its forms. Let’s make something great and leave this world better than we found it. Join me!

Recent Posts

What If - Arts

What If - ArtsWhat if the arts weren’t an integral part of our educational system? It’s always something that comes up for debate whenever school budgets are discussed. The arts are treated almost like an expensive recess among primary and even higher educational systems [Read More]

11 Things About Modeling for an Artist

11 Things About Modeling for an Artist PSA on In Studio Modeling There appears to be a little misunderstanding about a sitting in my art studio and posing for life drawings I attend / host. Let's break a few things down.   It doesn't need to be nude. Sometimes [Read More]

Fine Art and Illustrators

Fine Art and Illustrators As I spend more time studying this "Fine Art" thing, I've come to learn that fine artists don't sell nearly as many pieces of art as I thought. Here's what I've learned about the fine art world so far.. Illustrators to [Read More]

Why Drag Queens? Why LGBTQ?

Why Drag Queens? Why LGBTQ? I built much of my career on Dungeons & Dragons, orcs, goblins, and mad wizards. So why drag queens and LGBTQ+ Stuff? I think it deserves an answer, even if it isn't always asked out-right. A Look at Things Let's look [Read More]

Remarkable Beauty

Remarkable Beauty  Remarkable Beauty Is a First Friday Art show in Portland Maine celebrating the beauty, culture, and successes of the LGBTQ+ community. Where: FLASK Lounge 117 Spring Street, Portland, Maine Click here for map 21+ only inside the building. When: April 6th 5-8 pm Why: We wanted a show [Read More]