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I am Lloyd Metcalf, a mostly full time RPG artist/illustrator and supplement producer. While I have dreamt of such a career since I was a young teenager in the 80’s, my career has only recently gained ground and found distribution world wide. Check out my client list to see some of the folks I have been working with.

I’m always interested in hearing about new projects, and will consider hopping in and contributing when possible.

Micro Quest Cards, Mini Mod adventures and all my personal project products are available in the Webstore.

Occasionally custom art, unique items and other collectibles show up there as well. Every purchase from the webstore is a way to directly support future projects and ambitions in the RPG world.

Latest news!

Those Dam Goblins!

Those Dam Goblins!

Those Dam Goblins!

Written by Chris Clark, Editing by James M Ward, Brenda Clark and Lloyd Metcalf, layout, binding production – Lloyd Metcalf is NOW AVAILABLE for sale.

The first 20 signed and numbered are going very fast and are in the webcart HERE

This is the first – official – adventure module released by our new company Fail Squad Games!






Con Artist!

I have been confirmed to attend Gary Con this year as well as North Texas RPG Con and Gamehole Con!

Email Lloyd(at)LMetcalf.com to ask how I can help promote and contribute to your convention in exchange for a few amenities.

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