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Art, illustration, RPG design and production are at the core of Fail Squad Games.
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How to become a better artist right now!

How to become a better artist right now!Becoming a better artist isn't rocket science, brain surgery, nor does it require "talent". The answer is simple, but you might not like it. Nicolaides' "The Natural way to draw" has been on my shelf, and many other artist's shelves [Read More]

Marrett House Art Show

Marrett House Art ShowThe Marrett House in Standish Maine is hosting their 9th annual art show, among the artists: yours truly (Lloyd Metcalf). That's right, D&D game guy that I am, is also part of the Saco River Artists League.           Enjoy the show & [Read More]

Where's all the art?

Where's all the art? Am I Hiding? No.. It's not that I've stopped creating RPG art and working in the field, it's that the focus has been on Fail Squad Games. FSG has a number of Kickstarters lined up, all needing writing, art, layout, design [Read More]

Messed up brushes? Don't throw them out!

Messed up brushes? Don't throw them out! Ruined Brushes? Either you have forgotten some brushes, cleaned them part way, or are just cleaning them improperly. At some point an artist ends up looking at many dollars worth of art brushes that are caked with dried paint, "crunchy", or [Read More]

Photoshop Brushes Nightmare!

Photoshop Brushes Nightmare! Brush Organization! If you are a digital painter, or use photoshop, you know that the struggle is REAL! Until recently I had a handle on my most commonly used brushes. The nice and handy Jonas De Ro Speed Paint Brush [Read More]

Adebanji Alade - An inspiring tale

Adebanji Alade - An inspiring tale I really like this guy, this video, and everything about this. He reminds me of the key to successful skill mastery - Do it. Do it without short cuts. Find joy in it. and DO IT. He is so excited about [Read More]

What is an appropriate art signature?

What is an appropriate art signature? Recently a client told me my signature on the illustration submitted was too understated. This has always been an issue for me. Other artists nearly dominate a piece of art with their signature and I tuck mine away. I [Read More]

Mind the Gap - When a nerd does a TED Talk

Mind the Gap - When a nerd does a TED Talk What happens when a "Professional Nerd" gets invited to do a TEDx Talk?   Despite being remarkably nervous, the first speaker of an event, and numerous other pressures.... it actually turns out ok. In April 2016 I was invited to do a [Read More]

A guy with a sword - What you are missing

A guy with a sword - What you are missing It's one of the most common character types to have in an RPG image, adventure or illustration next to a wizard. Just a guy with a sword isn't just a guy with a sword. As artists when we get requests for [Read More]

There and back again a hobbit's tale

There and back again a hobbit's tale On the Quest to XP, I added The Hobbit to my reading list. It may not be directly related to art, but it is fuel for the imagination. Of course The Hobbit ranks a solid 9 out of possible [Read More]

ALMOST awesome figures

ALMOST awesome figuresIn my on-going quest for XP, funded or not, I move forward with studies. I picked up the Kindle edition of Neil Fontaine's "How to Draw Awesome Figures" (Link to the left). Was it worth my $5 or $6? Mostly. What [Read More]

The Quest for Experience

The Quest for ExperienceThe Quest for Experience Adventuring Class: Artist The Mission: Over the course of a year, advance artistic skill to confidently return to the RPG, Fantasy and Sci-fi field at the ‘next level’ and in doing so, blaze a path of study for future [Read More]

This will only take you a minute

This will only take you a minute"This will only take you a few minutes!" The dreaded words that your client will say to you as a freelance creative. More likely to be heard if you released an hourly rate you use as an estimate for client rates. [Read More]

Is an Artist Always Turned On?

Is an Artist Always Turned On? Creativity is a fickle and fiery mistress. Artists and creatives are not able to set their alarm in the morning, head off to work, turn out amazing products for eight hours, then go home to talk about the day [Read More]

Draw From Life

Draw From Life There are numerous accounts of artists throughout history and into the modern day that will say that nothing will improve an artist faster than drawing from life.  James Gurney is a realist painter / illustrator and he paints from [Read More]

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